Augmented reality has many applications in the fashion industry. This year has seen quite a lot of innovation in the beauty space specifically. Here’s an outline of some developments.

The visual nature of Instagram made it especially popular in the fashion industry. But it’s hard to sell over the popular social media channel. A few startups have now developed solutions around the issue: they have made it easier for customers to purchase product over Instagram.

The last year has seen the emergence of two distinct groups of fashion apps that use the element of discovery: tinder-inspired browsing apps and visual discovery apps. Here’s a short review of some of the biggest ones.

Dash Hudson

Clothing and accessories make up today’s fastest-growing ecommerce segment. Here are some developments in the Menswear world.

A little summary of the Drapers Innovation in Fashion Report 2013.

I attended a talk by Jonathan Chippindale, CEO of Holition yesterday. He spoke about how disruptive technology can be used in a retail context for marketing purposes and about what is most important in developing ‘augmented retail.’ Here’s a summary!

In a recent online article, James Manyika and Michael Chui identified mobile Internet and the Internet of Things as the two most disruptive technologies of the coming decade. Here’s a little summary about these two and some of my ideas about how these could be used in the fashion industry.